4 Ways Invisalign Aligners Support Your Confidence

Ask orthodontic patients why they’re straightening their teeth, and you may get a host of answers…

  • They want a straight, beautiful smile.
  • They feel embarrassed about their crooked teeth.
  • They want to be free to flash a grin at social engagements or on the job.

There’s a simple name for many reasons why people choose metal braces to fix their malocclusion—confidence.

However, using some teeth aligning methods means that orthodontic patients are forced to temporarily lose their confidence in order to regain it later on, upon completion of their treatment.

When you choose traditional metal braces, the embarrassment of your crooked smile is only heightened. The self-consciousness you felt before having braces grows larger as everyone suddenly notices that you’re correcting your bite.

With today’s innovative technology, you can now straighten your teeth in a way that increases your confidence: Invisalign clear aligners.

Here are 4 ways that Invisalign helps you maintain confidence while straightening your teeth.

  1. Invisalign aligners give you confidence during meals.

If you’ve considered straightening your teeth with braces, you may have wondered what meals would look like. Perhaps you’ve even considered avoiding meals with others during your orthodontic treatment.

It’s a fact that food will cling to the metal wiring of buccal braces. The idea of having spinach in your smile isn’t something you want to worry about—especially at your cousin’s wedding reception or when you’re trying to maintain your professional image at a company dinner!

With Invisalign aligners, there aren’t concerns about food wrapped around your metal brackets, because there aren’t any. Simply remove your aligners before your meal, and be just as confident about eating as you were before your orthodontic treatment.

  1. Invisalign aligners give you confidence during pictures.

When the camera comes out, metal braces place you in another sticky situation that lowers your confidence. Flashing a cheerful smile can be difficult when you know that the camera will capture a mouth full of metal.

The good news is that Invisalign gives you the certitude you need to smile boldly for any picture. Your clear plastic aligners are virtually unnoticeable, allowing you to pose for the camera without finding an excuse to avoid the picture.

  1. Invisalign aligners give you confidence while speaking.

For many professions, public speaking is a necessary and important part of the job. Whether you’re giving a sales presentation, requesting a bid for work or interviewing with an important person, conveying confidence during speaking engagements can be vital.

It’s important you avoid any distractions that keep you from focusing on clearly giving your message. With metal braces, you run the risk of worrying about your appearance, or—even worse–taking your audience’s attention off your communication and onto your mouth.

Invisalign aligners help you be confident while you’re speaking and eliminate the likelihood that your audience will be distracted by your orthodontic treatment.

  1. Invisalign aligners give you confidence during social interactions.

Perhaps you’ve always been reticent while talking to others or participating in other social interactions, simply because you had a malocclusion.

Whether it was chatting with a friend or laughing with a group, you found yourself avoiding freely smiling.

With Invisalign, you won’t have your embarrassment increased any further while you’re waiting on the perfect smile. Your translucent aligners allow you to discreetly move your teeth without everyone noticing—and commenting—on your orthodontic treatment.

Straighten your smile with confidence when you choose Invisalign. Contact your local MiSmile Invisalign provider, and book an appointment to see if you can start treatment with clear aligners.