3 Ways Invisalign Clear Aligners Make Orthodontic Treatment Easy

If you’re comparing Invisalign clear aligners vs. metal braces, you’re probably taking a number of facts into consideration. For instance, you may be evaluating differences in costs, orthodontic appointments, comfort levels, and other factors.

It’s important you don’t forget one of the most significant elements in your decision—which orthodontic treatment is the most convenient.

It’s no secret that correcting your malocclusion will change your life, and, in many cases, it’s easier to focus on how much your life will change after your teeth are straightened.

Yet, the reality is that any orthodontic treatment will significantly alter your life during treatment—especially for those opting for metal braces. Braces can force you to adopt new routines and behaviors that alter your usual, everyday life.

Consider an alternative…Invisalign.

What’s so special about Invisalign clear aligners is that they empower you to achieve that beautiful smile while keeping your life as normal as possible.

Here are three ways Invisalign does just that:

  1. Invisalign Clear Aligners Make Oral Hygiene Easy

When you choose to straighten your teeth with metal braces, you’ll suffer from a number of complications in your attempt to avoid decay-causing plaque.

Attempting to reach your teeth behind their metal cage with your toothbrush won’t be your only difficulty.

You’ll still need to floss.

As you can imagine, flossing with braces is anything but easy. Due to the difficulty, some patients resort to a water flosser (also known as an oral irrigator). Others use a floss threader to ease the process.

However, the amount of time and effort you’ll spend on oral hygiene doesn’t end there. Oral-B recommends that you…

  • Remove your elastic bands before cleaning.
  • Brush the brackets of your braces.
  • Brush your archwires as well.

You can easily see how oral hygiene will consume a larger chunk of your life, something that’s especially undesirable if you have a hectic job or busy schedule.

In contrast, Invisalign clear aligners help keep life as normal as possible while you’re straightening your teeth.

When it’s time to clean your mouth, you’ll easily remove your aligners without the trouble of threading floss between your braces or brushing any archwires.

  1. Invisalign Clear Aligners Keep Mealtime Simple

Invisalign empowers you to keep things normal for yet another area of your life—eating meals.

The reality is that you’ll have to avoid certain foods with traditional braces because of the potential damage to your brackets and wiring. However, this isn’t the only problem you may encounter with this orthodontic treatment.

The Journal of Orthodontics featured a study highlighting the problems adolescents had with braces. The researchers found that…

  • Patients revealed they refrained from eating certain foods to avoid embarrassment.
  • Patients also stated they experienced difficulty in the amount of time it took to eat.

If you want to avoid challenges like these, Invisalign clear aligners are your solution. With Invisalign, mealtime isn’t complicated—it’s simple.

Before that important gala dinner, you can discretely remove your Aligners to enjoy your meal without any inconvenience or embarrassment.

  1. Invisalign Clear Aligners Maintain Your Appearance

 Perhaps one of the top benefits of Invisalign clear aligners is that they help you maintain your appearance during treatment.

Whether you choose traditional metal braces or ceramic ones, you’ll still be drawing attention to your malocclusion and orthodontic treatment in a conspicuous way.

In contrast, Invisalign offers a discreet solution for straightening your teeth. The clear plastic material not only corrects your smile, but also allows you to keep your orthodontic treatment to yourself.

That means…

  • You’ll confidently smile for a group picture without worrying about that metallic flash ruining the shot.
  • You’ll enjoy a professional appearance as you interact with colleagues and clients at work.
  • You’ll easily meet strangers without being anxious about how your orthodontic treatment appears.

If you’re ready to straighten your teeth—but aren’t ready to give up life as normal — then consider whether Invisalign may be your best treatment option.

To enjoy the convenience and confidence of Invisalign, simply find your nearest MiSmile Invisalign provider to schedule an appointment and start your journey toward a beautiful smile.