How Does Invisalign Work?

Making the choice to straighten your teeth—especially as an adult—is a life-altering step, and when you’re working through the decision-making process, you want as much information as possible.

From the mechanics of your orthodontic treatment to the new responsibilities you’ll have, you want to know what you can expect before you say, “Yes.”

If Invisalign is one of your options, you may be wondering exactly how Invisalign works.

Invisalign uses advanced technology to make straightening teeth simple and straightforward for its patients. In this article, let’s look at how Invisalign straightens your teeth, the technology behind it and how you can get the process started for yourself.

How Invisalign Straightens Your Teeth

Invisalign is famous for straightening people’s teeth almost invisibly, using clear aligners. These aligners are made of plastic that closely conform to your teeth, and they’re translucent so your orthodontic treatment is barely noticeable.

If you’re wondering how these aligners can correct your malocclusion, the keyword is gradually. You don’t straighten your smile with your original set of aligners. As Invisalign explains, you’ll transition to a new set every two weeks.

Each pair of aligners has a slightly different shape than the previous one—a fit that moves your teeth closer and closer each day to the smile you dream about.

The Invisalign Technology

Now that you know how Invisalign corrects your malocclusion, you may have questions about the technology behind it.

Currently, Invisalign’s clear plastic aligners are made of a material called SmartTrack. This flexible but forceful material fits around your teeth and shifts them into the correct position.

To see how Invisalign creates aligners that are crafted just for you, you may want to watch this informative video from Invisalign to understand the process.

Here are some highlights explained in the video:

  • Your Invisalign provider gives information about your bite that’s passed to the dental technicians at Invisalign. Your doctor and the technicians collaborate to create a treatment plan that will move your teeth into their proper position.
  • After the treatment plan is finalized, this data is sent to Invisalign’s automated plant. Your aligners will be custom-made for your teeth based on the treatment plan information.

You may also want to know that your aligners are made from BPA-free plastic.

How to Get the Invisalign Process Started

Each Invisalign treatment begins with a trip to a qualified provider. As Invisalign explains, you’ll want to meet with your doctor to…

  • Discuss whether Invisalign is the best option for you. Your doctor can help you determine if Invisalign is the ideal choice to straighten your teeth.
  • Talk about financial and insurance questions.
  • Ask questions about Invisalign itself.

You may also want to ask your doctor how long he or she thinks your treatment will take to give you an estimated timeline. As you ask questions, you may be surprised to discover that…

  • Invisalign allows you to eat what you like—in contrast to metal braces.
  • Invisalign is removable so you can brush and floss your teeth normally.
  • Invisalign allows you to use a ClinCheckⓇ to see how your teeth will look once they’re straightened before you even start treatment.

Perhaps learning more about Invisalign has convinced you that you’re ready to see if clear aligners can correct your malocclusion and give you the confidence to smile.

If you’re ready to straighten your teeth without the self-consciousness or inconvenience of metal braces, locate the MiSmile Invisalign provider that’s closest to you.